Thursday, 5 April 2012

Update on Harmonizing of Hearts: Channel Received from Pamela

The words must be spoken to our people.  The words will continue to ring upon their heads.  The blessings of Isis will be showered upon our Holy Ones.  We must leave no stone unturned.  There is laughter and joy in the heavens tonight . We see our starseeds beginning to make changes – significant changes – at Earth core level.  This is not the time to run away as this energy and momentum builds upon planet Earth we must circle our wagons and bring everyone who has been touched back into the circle. 

The ceremony to open the heart and to open the lion’s mouth circle connecting the lion and the heart will bring the bravery and courage that needs to be delivered at this time.  We have had success we have had brave ones that stood alone that spoke the words, when no one wanted to listen.  They spoke it bravely enough and long enough and strong enough to reach the level we are at today.  The energy level will continue to build.  We are at the tipping point and things will begin to get easier for those of you starseeds and star leaders placed by the Galactic Team on planet Earth.  Our planet is reaching the crescendo – monumental crescendo.  The ancient teachings will be unlocked with this ceremony April 10th.

When the fear is put aside, when the egolic thoughts of self are put aside, let all of us unite with one purpose.  To help each other.  To bring this new vibrational energy fully to the Earth.  When enough come together in prayer, the ancient scroll that has been waiting to open will be revealed.  It will be unrolled, unlocked, integrated into personality and spoken boldly through Reynolds at this culmination of effort placed forward 2012.  

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