Messages, sacred information and divine teachings are flooding the Earth to assist with the changes of the day.  Reynolds Kamakawiwoole has been guided to present and create a variety of presentations to assist with sacred information and the New Earth that is now being created.

Ancient Hawaii: Learn more about the Aloha Spirit and the sacred knowledge of Reynold's Hawaiian ancestors.  The knowledge presented in these workshops is inclusive of the sacred stories of the time.  Information on the sacred land, Goddess Pele, and other pieces of sacred knowledge are presented to assist with remembering the ancient truth.

Learning About Our Spiritual Time:  Reynolds has received various pieces of information about this time and the Earth that is now being created.  Join him in understanding the messages of this time and what needs to be done to ascend and change into the New Earth.  Information on awakening, development and what needs to be created at this time will be given to assist with the needs of this spiritual time.

Galactic Messages:  Reynolds works with a variety of starships and galactic beings that desire to assist with the ascension and changes of the planet.  Each of the beings are presenting information to assist with partnering for the ascension and to begin to change levels of awareness so we can begin to progress and ascend on Earth.   Learn about Reynold's connection through the following video:

Lightworker Ascension:  Get to know who you are and why you are here.  If you want to take your station and are still ascending into place, then get assistance with transmissions and guidance from Reynolds. Lightworker ascension consists of 4 levels of lightworker awakening.  This is followed by 7 levels of Mastery sessions to assist you with your path.  The information received at Mastery levels include:

Mastery 1: Christ Consciousness elevation
Mastery 2: Practicing Gifts of the Divine
Mastery 3: Walking the Talk
Mastery 4: Service to the World
Mastery 5: Creating and Being Creation
Mastery 6: Humility and Maintenance of Spiritual Work
Mastery 7: Working and Implementing the Divine Plan (messages into action)

The lightworker ascension will be held at various locations and is also available through distance sessions.

If you would like Reynolds to present information at your next event or are interested in any courses, then please contact Reynolds.  

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