Thursday, 31 May 2012

Changing the Star Messages

Hi, I'm Brooke.  Over the past three months, I have been helping Reynolds Kamakawiwoole to organize events and ceremonies for the Agarthians, star family and Galactic Federation.  These ceremonies and events were a test for everyone to come into their true colors and to measure how well prepared we all are for the changes and responsibilities that are present among us for awakening and changing into the New Earth.

After these events, some changes were made among the Galactic Federation and the star family, specifically because it was noted that a lack of responsibility is being taken over our star positions.  For those of you in your star positions - congratulations, pat on the back and keep doing the work!  For those of you who are not, please work your best at overcoming and getting to the space you need.

A more serious matter is concerning those that are working with the star family, not only because of the lack of positioning.  There are several that are in position that are manipulating powers and not taking the right step for the work that is being done.  Part of this has come specifically because of the events and ceremonies that were organized.  They were done out of integrity and sincerity.

I partly want to apologize as I was helping with these events, and I didn't know what was happening.  Now that I do, I want to make sure that everything is pono. This blog is to make everything right for the areas I was out of alignment with.  It is also to send out a message to others that we need to make things right and not be out of alignment with what the star family, Earth and the ascended masters desire for  us.

The Galactic Federation has asked for us to do the following:

1.  The Agarthians are not to be in partnership with anyone at this time.  If you have Agarthian partners, then please do not abuse the powers and advice that they have.  If you are uncertain about how to partner with them, then please ask and communicate instead of violating the free will that they have.  If you are not in partnership, then it is important that you remain this way and be patient until the respected times.

2.   Be guided by your own truth.  You have to live in the truth and in your truth only.  It is fine to have healings from others and to be a part of a community.  But more important, be clear within yourself.  This is more important than any other work you can do at this time.

3.  Be aware of false promises.  Delphina Nova has asked me to share with you that we all need to be aware of those who are making promises for healing, enlightenment, etc.  It's important to be aware of those who are in sheep's clothing and are wolves in disguise.  "There are many that will be deceived by saying I am the Christ.  Do not follow them." - Jesus

4.  Clear out and stay strong.  Know who you are, what you are here for and take your station.  It is as simple as being and making sure you stay in the moment.  With this clarity, you won't fall for the false promises or the healings that aren't serving you.

I will be updating / taking over this blog for a period of time to make sure that the messages are given and received.

Until next time - Surya Namaskar.

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