Monday, 27 February 2012

Golden Dawn Vision and Santa Fe Restoration

As the time approaches for the Restoration of the Holy City in Santa Fe, new information is being given about the importance of this event.  Recently, a new message was received by Judith Moore, psychic from New Mexico regarding the historical moment of this event and the information to be received. 

The visit from Reynolds to Santa Fe is expected to bring in the vision of the Golden Dawn.  This is the vision which was foretold by the prophecy of Pecos Pueblo and the Prophecy of those living in Jemez.  The importance of the event is based on the fulfillment of this prophecy to allow Santa Fe to be restored into a city of light. 

The vision which was seen by Moore indicated that the resurrection of the Holy City is the vision of the Golden Dawn.  The gift must be received in the vision of light and given to the Lemurians and all Children of Earth, all the people who have Lemurian hearts. 

The prophecy states that once the seeds of Light are formed, the Kahunas will bring these seeds from Lemuria to Santa Fe.  Reynolds is the kahuna that acts as the bringer of the seeds of Lemuria.  The area of Jemez holds the specific energy to bring the cities of light from the Santa Fe prophecies and will be a part of the ceremonies during the Santa Fe Resurrection. 

The prophecy then states that after this is held, the ancient prophecies will be upheld with the coming of the cities of light from Pecos Pueblo.  The energy which Reynolds will bring through the ceremonies includes bringing the seeds of light from Hawaii, Lemurian Gardens and planting these seeds of light on the Golden Lemurian gardens in the Creation Vibration.  This is where Creation was received in Jemez, New Mexico.  Reynolds will be working with Michele Rozbitsky, Mercedes Kirkel and Phil Chavez for the activation.  

If you would like to be a part of this event, then please contact us.