Help to resolve physical, mental and spiritual difficulties that you are facing.  Join Reynolds Kamakawiwoole with powerful healing sessions to change your life.  Reynolds has over 20 years of experience as a spiritual practitioner and healer.  His background is linked to the ancient Hawaiian techniques and Kahuna ways of healing.

Forms of healing with Reynolds allow you to receive answers and to get guidance on what is required.  Available options for healing are inclusive of:

- Alternative healing energy and distance healing
- Consultation sessions
                                     - Channeled messages from spirit to assist you
                                     - Kahuna healing and blessings

Through the different techniques provided by Reynolds, you will be able to transform your problems and difficulties while getting the support and love that is needed.  Physical to spiritual ailments are seen through Reynolds, all which are able to provide more opportunities for healing for your needs in life.

Distance Healing Sessions

Reynolds offers distance healing sessions to those who are interested in receiving guidance and divine messages.  This includes healing energies that are sent to each individual while working with Reynolds.  This is also inclusive of counseling and spiritual messages that Reynolds receives while working with you.

Distance healing sessions are given through Skype and online sessions and last for one hour.  If you would like to be a part of the distance healing that is offered, then please contact us.

Special Healing Sessions

Reynolds Kamakawiwoole will be traveling to different regions of the United States and Europe throughout the year.  If you would like to know more about the healing sessions offered during his travels, then please stay in touch for continuous updates.

Contact us to request your healing session or for inquiries about the process Reynolds uses.


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