Distance Sessions

If you can't attend an event or ceremony with Reynolds Kamakawiwoole, then please take advantage of distance sessions that are available.  This will give you the energy transmissions that are required to assist you in your spiritual journey and awakening.  A variety of distance sessions are available, all which allow you to work more with spirit or to transform with your own healing.

Distance Healing Sessions

Reynolds offers distance healing sessions to those who are interested in receiving guidance and divine messages.  This includes healing energies that are sent to each individual while working with Reynolds.  This is also inclusive of counseling and spiritual messages that Reynolds receives while working with you.

Distance healing sessions are given through Skype and online sessions and last for one hour.  If you would like to be a part of the distance healing that is offered, then please contact us.

Distance Partnership with Agarthians

The Agarthians are a race that lives in Hollow Earth, also recognized as the Lemurian and Atlantian mixed race.  They have now announced that they would like to come back to the surface of the Earth to work with humans in making changes for the next changes that are occurring on Earth.  Special events are currently being held at Mount Shasta to assist with the request of the Agarthians.  If you can't make one of the Mount Shasta events, then Reynolds can provide you with distance transmissions of the Agarthians.

The request of the Agarthians is to assist with making a better life for individuals.  This includes working with tools, such as technology, art, communication and other methods of expression.  This is also inclusive of working with relationships, individual needs and working toward a better life, filled with love, peace and harmony.

Those who would like Agarthian transmission sessions can work with Reynolds through a series of sessions.  Discounts are available to those who refer others ($5 / referral).  To learn more about this transmission, please contact us.

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