Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ceremony to Harmonize the Hearts

On April 10, 2012, Reynolds Kamakawiwoole will hold a special event to begin open into the higher vibrations and heart center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The ceremony will use the activation of the opening of the lion’s mouth, a special symbol used to connect the heart vibrations while releasing negativity and fear that has been held. 

The intention of the ceremony is to begin to change and attune to the heart vibrations that come with the new you, or the Mu, of this time.  After the ceremony, there will be a release of the lion heart energy, specifically which will assist with the courage, power and strength that is required for this time and the changing vibrations that are being created for the New Age.
The ceremony will incorporate talk – story channeled and transmitted by Kamakawiwoole.  This will be combined with teachings of the lion’s essence and the brave heart that is held by the presence of the animal.  The teachings will follow by gifts received to each of the participants for the heart ceremony as well as key code transmissions offered from the lion as Keeper of the Gate.  Each participant will receive an activation of the lion’s heart as well as crystal clarity of their presence on Earth.
The ceremony will be held at MGM hotel at 3:00 PM April 10th.  Please arrive at 2:00 PM at the entrance at the Center Fuse Bar to be a part of the ceremony.  The public is welcome to participate.  Donations will be accepted.   

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