Monday, 2 April 2012

Hawaiian Spiritual Healing Available in Las Vegas: April 9th - 12th

Reynolds Kamakawiwoole, spiritual Hawaiian practitioner, will be in Las Vegas, Nevada to offer healing through ancient Hawaiian techniques.  Reynolds will be in Las Vegas from April 9th to 12th to offer personal, one – on – one sessions to those who would like to experience the healing.  Reynolds will be working with Kahuna practices taught through his lineage for the healing sessions. 

The healing sessions provided work with a variety of techniques that have stemmed from the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna practices.  The work involves energy work that assists with healing and development.  Channeling and consulting sessions will also be available in combination with the healing techniques to provide information and assistance to those that are working on ascension within their life and community. 

The available healings by Reynolds will range from minor to major healing ailments of body,  mind and soul.  Whether you are facing addiction, emotional difficulties, relationship problems, sudden loss of jobs, creative blocks or motivation of self and holiness is the ability to begin breaking your blocks and moving into your higher self.  

The healing provided is directly inspired by the current stage of needs during this time.  This includes an addition to the Restoration of the Holy City of Santa Fe into the City of Light, including ceremonies conducted by Reynolds.  this is also inclusive of the opening of Stargate 12, which opened April 1st, 4:30 AM, Central Standard Time, and which requires each individual to continue to ascend to the next level of evolution.  

If you are interested in receiving a one – on – one session with Reynolds, then please contact us.   

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