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FAQ About Mount Shasta Event

What is the Schedule

The Mount Shasta and San Francisco Sacred Library Event takes place from April 27 – 29th.  We will meet every morning at 10:00 AM, ending at 5:00 PM and will hold casual courses and workshops while speaking about the current spiritual messages of the time. 

April 27th - 10:00 AM: Introduction/ Review of topics
                   10:30 AM: Ceremony to connect to the creator and the Holy Ones
                   11:00 AM: Meeting Pele (Sister Fire Goddess) - (Includes journey to meet Pele and give 6 pages of messages on how to ascend to the next level through self and your entire star family)
                   12:00 - 1:00 PM: Lunch
                   1:00 PM: Meeting the ocean family (Includes receiving of 12 pages of messages for your personal and spiritual life and how to ascend into the next level)
                   2:30 PM: Meeting of Lilioe (Sister Goddess of the Mist) (Includes journey to meet Liloe and give 15 pages of messages)
                  4:00 - 5:00 PM: Questions, Answers and Discussions - Ending Ceremony

April 28th-   10:00 AM: Opening ceremonies
                      10:30 AM: Review messages received Friday
                      11:00 AM: Kahuna healing and blessing (Personal healing with guidance by Reynolds and as requested by participants)
                      12:00 - 1:00 PM: Lunch
                      1:00 PM: Connecting to the Divine (Journey to the divine to meet your life force with 50 pages of messages received on ascension to the next level)
                      3:00 PM: Six sacred portals of Las Vegas
                      4:00 - 5:00 PM: Questions, answers and discussions - Ending Ceremony

April 29th -  10:00 AM: Opening Ceremonies (Special Aloha Ceremony to Welcome the Agarthians to Earth and Human Presence)
                      10:30 AM: Review messages received Saturday
                      11:00 AM: Partnership with the Agarthians (What is needed for this time and why the Agarthians want to partner with us.  Each person will receive a name of an Agarthian as well as support services to participant)
                      12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch
                      1:00 PM: Present and future technology (Learn about the Agarthian's knowledge toward technology)
                      2:00 PM:  Personal and other relations (Learn about the Agarthian's knowledge toward New Earth relationships)
                      3:00 PM: Art forms and languages (Learn about the Agarthian's knowledge toward fine arts and languages)
                      4:00 - 5:00 PM: Questions, Answers and Discussion - Ending Ceremony

Special personal healing is available on request with Reynolds

Where should I stay?

You will need to find your own hotel for the event.  Please see our blog post on possible places to stay

How Do I Get there?

The closest airport is Redding, California.  You can also fly into Sacramento or San Francisco Airport and drive to Mount Shasta (3 – 4 hour drive). 

Where is the event at?
The event will be held at Spiritual Journeys, located at 315 Nixon Road in Mount Shasta, CA. 

How much is the cost?

The cost for Mount Shasta is $250 for the entire weekend.  The cost for the San Francisco Ancient Libraries is $100.

What will be at the event?

The courses include divinely inspired messages given to Reynolds about what is needed for the time.  The approach is based on partnering with the Agarthians for advancement of our future.  Information is inclusive of:

present and future technology
personal and other  relationships
art forms and languages
introduction to your ocean family
meeting Pele (goddess of fire) and receiving messages
six caves of creation
six sacred portals of Las Vegas

Where are the divinely inspired messages from?

The information for this event was given through the guides and workers that Reynolds works with.  Specifically, there are messages which have been received from the Agarthians.  These are our ancestors from the Earth and are part Lemurian and part Atlantean.  They have formed their society with pure love, peace and harmony.  They are familiar with advanced technology and what is needed for the progression of the Earth at this time.

Who are the Agarthians?

The Agarthians are currently spreading a message that it is time to work together for the New Earth, specifically to transform our world back into the light.  They also desire to work with humans in creating this Earth through partnerships so we can begin to change the time into one that assists with the changes required at this time for the evolution of Mother Earth and the humans that are currently dwelling on Earth.

Where do I register? 

You can register by visiting our blog page at or by contacting Reynolds at 808-937-3452 or emailing


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